... so that we may be free from corrupt representation, factional impositions and unjust settlements  

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December, 2014 
First Quarter 2015 Edition will be posted 31st January 2015.

In this land, the supremacy of a union can only be safeguarded through the wisdom of a free community conscience. This can never be bettered by unions shaped by political party interests ...

Why constitutional reform is essential

The Scottish Referendum was fundamentally an issue about the degree to which the UK constitution supports provisions that facilitate a political economic process that supports the satisfaction of the needs and preferences of the social and economic constituencies. The result of the vote indicates that close to 50% of the Scottish electorate are dissatisfied with the current basis for operation. The Referendum was a demonstration to the world of a "minority" political stand that was not reduced to a question of national rivalries or race but rather an expression of a deep dissatisfaction with the political process. In particular this complaint was directed against the British Parliament, electoral system and the main political parties as not being in tune with the needs of the people.

No one counseled that this minority should not have their say and, of course, if the result had been a Yes vote no one would have prevented Scotland becoming independent. In the context of world events this was a remarkable demonstration of how such a process can take place without any hint of threats of violence or aggression. Of this the people of Britain can remain justifiably satisfied.

 Politics Constitution

The scandalous state of politics in the UK
The next step for British democracy
Cameron on immigration

Henry Kissinger's key statement
The labyrinth of deception
Why it isn't OK to spy on citizens

 Economics European Union

Some evidence of failure of supply side economics
An innovative approach to macroeconomics - in preparation

The UK & EU economic migrants
The EU's failing foreign policy

 Foreign affairs Notable publications

International development failures
Struggling United States continues its foreign affairs disasters
How the State Department undermines the US Constitution

Professor Danny Dorling on Inequality and the 1%
Bruce Rich on World Bank and the Environment

 Media Coffee shop

Going Underground, the new NewsNight and Andrew Neil

Traces and leads.....
Topics at the Coffee shop

Most communities in the European Union agree that there needs to be change in the European Union. Some of the issues are obvious to all. Contrary to the news media in the UK the Juncker Commission is different from the Barroso one in relation to democracy, including the rights of regions to become independent. There is also a difference in approach to the need for action on the economy as opposed to the pernicious waiting game or policy paralysis being played out at the moment.

Some institutions necessarily will be closed down and become extinct. Some of the institutions that need to be closed down are considered to be part of the very fabric of national and global governance structures and decision-making. There will be resistance and extra-constitutional pressure as well as attempts for some institutions to re-brand themselves so as to carry one with business as usual. We also comment recent evidence on Malaysia flight downed in Ukraine, on anti-drone systems developments, squeaks of despair from GCHQ and profound wisdom from Nicolas Sarkozy.

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